If you do not like boring and faceless interior items, we recommend you not to ignore various hoardings and garage sales. After all, there that you can find things made with love. Sometimes, they look quite strange, but unique. People often share their findings on the Internet, and we collected the most curious ones for you:

1. “I found this in my local thrift shop in Romania, enjoy this monstrosity”

Haya AS

2. “I got these lovely “batio”chairs off market place. I can’t wait to paint them”

Bri D Quinn

3. “Sexy Santa found!”

Teresa Moore

4. “I contemplated taking this little cutie home, but did not”

Kathy Hahn Hyde

5. Statue commemorating our brave fight against Coronavirus via “operation stay home 2020!”

Gretchen Fleener

6. “Saw this fellow in savers”

Susie Rea

7. “Today’s find!”

Christopher Wadhwani

8. “Found in a dumpster in Canberra Australia. With a banana for scale”

Richard Ware

9. “Found a voluptuous ewe salt shaker at Goodwill”

Shannon Frazier

10. “Got this guy at work today. He just had to come home with me to guard my craft room”

Vicki Wolfe Berry

11. “Yes I think they are real human teeth. And, no, I definitely did not buy it”

Marie Smithard

12. “£45 did not come home with me”

Amy Louise Clifton

13. “My lovely plaster baby face I found at one of my favorite antique stores”

Linzy Michelle Jones

14. “We found this crazy cat fishing and couldn’t leave without it”

Tracy Schroader Jones

15. “I found this card in a charity shop yesterday… and it looks exactly like my kitty”

Jodie Maria Jones

16. “I love these cute salt and pepper shakers I picked up at a yard sale this morning!”

Valerie Hudson Roberts

17. “They were child size and wearing toddler clothing and shoes”

Michelle Cumming
Michelle Cumming
Michelle Cumming

18. Wine bottle holder

Jessica Riley

19. The seafoam circle phone

Corinne Harpster ND