When we adopt homeless animals, we don’t just do an act of kindness to them. In so doing, we ourselves become happier, because we get a loyal friend that will love us like nobody else. We rounded up the photos of pets that finally found their home. It’s really touching!

1. I’m Cece! I just got adopted today


2. The look of this good boy after we rescued him


3. This is my rescue, Charlie, and she loves trips on my shoulder


Mr. mom to a cat that thinks it’s a parrot.

4. My grandparents adopted a kitten and they sent me this pic in the mail


5. This my new pupper Sanoi!


She’s about 14 weeks old and can’t figure out what to do with her ears.

6. After 18 years, my mom finally let me adopt a cat


7. Meet our Mochi


We found her inside a tree at a Turkish market. Tonight she sleeps with heating for the first time.

8. Wife heard meowing in the bushes at the gas station. And found Lionel


9. I adopted this 25 pound cat. His name is Oliver


We all call him ratman or the godfather. He’s awesome and he loves me very much if you can’t tell.

10. My wife and I taking this rescue pup to his forever home


11. 3 month after the adoption


12. I hereby raise you, the shoulder rescue marmoset


This monkey was saved from abusive breeders. The baby had problems with bones. Now it lives in a big house with a lot of green and is getting treatment under close medical supervision.

13. My mom’s been dogless for 6 months, went out and rescued this good boy


14. Heard crying in our backyard Friday night and we found her


15. This is Tuna. Our new member of the family


16. Adopted this boy on the spot today


His name is Stevie and he’s a blind cat who loves to be held and scream.

17. Just adopted a kitten and my baby girl was not very aware of the new member of the family. This is when they met


18. My fiance caught the exact moment when Rusty and I fell for each other. We had to adopt him right away