Buying nice things is the truest therapy for a soul! Sometimes it is very useful to pleasure yourself buying some gifts, and is twice as pleasant if you don’t have to spend half-salary on it! In such cases, commission, discount and second-hand shops help us. That is where you can find an item that was your wish for a long time, at most favorable price.

Today we selected 18 treasures from flea markets which pleased their owners and proved that even in the most unremarkable places there is something that can cheer you up.

Teeny tiny vase and adorable snake


Found this adorable cat sweater!


I found this coffee table at my local GW


Found the bike of my dreams! All she needed was some new tires and a wash, $10!


You never know what find can be a reason of your sudden happiness. Whether it is a good working bike or a unique element of decoration, to find a desirable item and buy it is always pleasant!

Dresser of my dreams for FREE on FB Marketplace!


Found at Goodwill Outlets for $1


My favorite thrifted coat


Scored a set of vintage cane-back chairs


Found this full and brand new art fit set at a local thrift store for $10! My daughter is SUPER stoked


No thrift shops should be neglected. If a certain item means nothing to others, it can be a true treasure to you.

Everything you see here is thrifted. Except for the walls, door and tile


Estate Sale Find Tiffany Style Lamp


It’s perfect for breakfast in bed or if either partner is sick!


Found this vintage pull down map for $50 this morning and it fills this blank wall perfectly


I’ve had my sassy green teapot for years, just found his baby at Goodwill yesterday!


It’s very important to be able to please yourself with purchases not related to basic necessities. Because most of the time, those are the goods responsible for our good mood.

Do I have enough friends to fill it? No. Do my dogs treat it like a racing track, absolutely


My friend guided me to a charity shop that had a donation of brand new wedding dresses from a boutique


This had £1595 on the tag. I got it for £25 and it fits like a glove!

Bought a Banana Dog


Scored an almost complete Dansk Mesa Sky Blue set for $300


Do you have a buy you would like to brag about as the heroes of our compilation did?