The bitter experience of unfortunate haircut is probably a thing we’re all familiar with! That’s why a visit to a hairdresser is often accompanied by such a tense expectation. So if someone is brave enough to entrust their haircut to a family member or a close friend and do it at home, they should be ready for anything to come out!

Today we collected for you 18 pictures of failed haircuts, whose owners recklessly entrusted their scalps to not the most skillful hands. Let’s take a look!

1. My roommate tried to touch up my other roommate’s hair during initial quarantine and really did him dirty


2. My son wanted to be bald like his daddy. You can see his soul leave his body


3. Told my girlfriend that I was inspired to cut my hair after a famous hair dresser, I hope she’s seen Mr Bean


4. I told my students that if almost all of them did an online test they could choose my facial hair


The moment when you can spoil someone’s haircut on distance!

5. My friends tried to give me a Ronaldo hairstyle


6. My bf’s haircut is my work


7. Kid left with this lockdown haircut after asking his 7 year old old brother for “old man” hair


8. Half price hair cuts also mean half a haircut


9. Wife decided to cut our daughter’s hair during quarantine


After the quarantine had ordered us all to stay at home, a lot of us decided to check if their inner stylist is still alive. Apparently, in many cases he’s not…

10. “I cut my dad’s hair all the time”


11. Buddy got a hair cut from his mom


12. This is me after deciding to let my friends cut my hair


13. Wife cut his hair


Let’s just hope they’re still married after such a haircut!

14. When you let your sister who went to a little bit of beauty school cut your hair


15. My friend asked her boyfriend to just shave off the baby hairs… but he did a little bit more


16. This was not the original plan but I’m gonna roll with it


17. Yeah, can you just like put a line here?


18. I paid 300$ to get my curly hair managed