How to go to a flea market and not to pay attention to strange things? Such goods really stand out from the crowd. Network users have created a group on Facebook, where they show their unusual findings from flea markets, second hand stores and other places. Due to their strange appearance, some goods are immediately sent to a new home, while others remain to shock other visitors.

1. Glass eye

2. Flower pot to grow a tail

3. Self portrait

4. Red rock clock

5. Package of tissues

6. Cat chair

7. Scary bowl

8. Creepy toy

9. Funny bar stool

10. Fish skeleton

11. T-shirt with hand-puppets

12. Calamary hat

13. Best shoes for a princess

14. X-mas cucumber

15. The Tin Woodman

16. Alcoholic cat

17. Alien lamp

18. If you want to scare your guests