For anyone, family is a synonym of unconditional love. But if you keep some nice words for family night, it becomes clear that we actually love our relatives without having a reason, just like that. But besides care and support in house, there can be different antics of family members.

Today we selected 18 antics of family members after which their relatives will have to take a deep breath and try to keep calm.

We have plenty of charging cables and my mom has decided to use this one


“2021 Dad of the Year” ladies and gentlemen. I told her to shower, instead of rinse her hair out, right after dying it


Mom just set these down with permanent glue… She thinks it looks great!


My sister’s makeup bag after my dad accidentally sat on it…


This medium rare sour bread my mom made


Spent the whole day preparing the bird for dinner on Christmas eve. My dad watched it while I walked the dog. Came back to this


Let my dad who was a “tattoo artist back in the day” tattoo me tonight…


It’s supposed to be an A over a T for the Appalachian trail. It just looks like a wishing bone over broccoli. So I guess now the joke is I wish I had some broccoli…

Every time I take a shower, I draw something on the mirror so it reappears when my brother showers. Today I went for something a little creepier than normal…


My younger sister was trying to make apple juice and decided that if she boiled the apple it would be softer and thus easier to turn into juice


A painting my brother had commissioned of my parents


A family portrait may be like this if trying to be funny!

My kids are trying to give me a stroke


There is a mouse under mi fridge and this is my dad’s way of catching it


The way my kid takes bites out of his bubble tape


My dad wanted to make simple syrup. He left it in the pot and then forgot about it…


Kid took a SINGLE bite out of ALL the apples


Being a family member, you should be patient. If you have a child, you should have double patience!

“I’ll give you a free haircut,” my dad said. “You can trust me,” he said


The exact moment my nephew actually looked at my costume


The way my mom cuts the pizza


If your family consists of such jokers, we wish you patience and unshakable sense of humor!