When we get older, there are a lot of things to do that make it difficult to us to spend as much time with our pets as we want to. But the ones who have no troubles with it are children! That’s why they can spend time with their beloved pets 24/7.

Today we selected 18 photos of the lucky ones among people and pets, who don’t yet know what friendship is, but already obtained it, thanks to each other!

My son and our new kitten (Griswald?) seem to be hitting it off


We snuck around the corner to see my friends daughter reading to my dog that just had an ACL surgery so he feels better!


My son snuggling with the newborn calf we brought inside to warm up


Happy Valentine’s Day from my son!


Somehow many forget to give gifts to pets during the holidays. Though we love them no less!

My son and his bestie crashed early


She’s patiently waiting for the day he learns to pet her nicely and doesn’t think her tail is fun to pull, but she still loves my son so much


My 5 year old son and his ducks


He’s surely going to be my son’s best friend


2 years ago my 5 day old son made noises, and our dog Lucy went to investigate


Two years later, we have another 5 day old son, and yet another detective.

Ebenezer showing my daughter the way


My daughter was nervous around dogs, and then she met this guy


My kid and my cat match


We adopted a mini pot belly pig. My son loves it


Not only cats and dogs can become favorite pets and true friends.

Our cat is sick so my daughter is taking care of her


My kid is happiest with a rat snake in his hands


My son dressed as a horse riding a horse


My daughter and her best friend…


My bunny and friend’s kids watching tv together


If you feel there are not enough dogs in this collection, then we have a special post about their friendship with children!