If you think that you are just a tiny human being on the huge planet and there is nothing you can do to help the environment, we are here to prove you wrong. Every big deed starts with small things, and you don’t have to install solar batteries on top of your roof, stop using plastic bags completely, and change your diet to water and grass. You can start by implementing more eco-friendly products and ideas into your life, there are more and more of them in our world every day!

1. This supermarket had tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste


2. My shoes came with a “handle” rather than being packed in a one-time use bag


3. Carlsberg made almost plastic-free packaging.


4. Instead of using paint for this parking lot, this is how the “lines” are created. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


5. This eco-friendly way of packaging vegetables


6. My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail


7. The water taps at this cafe drip onto plants to not waste water


8. Hotel soap designed to reduce the waste of unused soap


9. My juice came with an edible (strawberry-flavored) straw


10. This bench is made from 2000 plastic bottles


11. This lemon company sells ugly Lemons that don’t make the cut for their normal bags


12. Guitar pick cutter that makes picks from credit cards


13. Every day after closing, this local bakery leaves out a bag of their unsold pastries that people can take from freely instead of throwing them away and make unnecessary waste


14. The closable tab on this can of Mountain Dew


15. This detergent comes in a cardboard bottle


16. The seemingly plastic cup in my home team’s stadium is plastic-free. Made from sugar canes


17. My school’s water fountain has eliminated almost 250,000 plastic water bottles


18. This custom clothier/show cobbler in San Francisco makes shoes and reuses old tires as the tread!