17 Times When Ingenious Ideas Raised The Convenience Of Familiar Things To Maximum

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Mankind is always trying to make its life more and more comfortable. People try to improve any little things that interfere with life and turn them into a miracle of comfort and perfection. And it seems that this process of improvement will never end – after all, there are so many things to add a pinch of comfort and pleasant innovations!

1. Mango with label stamped into it instead of having a sticker


2. This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry ons and underseater bags


3. This toilet lock that doubles as a tray so you can’t leave without taking your stuff


4. These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat in the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces


5. This pitcher with a separate section for ice


6. They put rails under the benches in this park so you can always be in the shadow


7. This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type


8. “This spherical chalkboard my professor uses to teach curvature in General Relativity”


9. “My toaster has a window to see how toast your bread is”


10. “My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water”


11. This ruler has cascading millimeter mark that makes it easier to read


12. These public benches are reversible, so you can choose to look at people, or boats


13. This keyboard has a dedicated smiley key


14. “My school has racks in the front office for kids to put their skateboards on during the day”


15. This restaurant I went to has solar-powered phone chargers built into the umbrellas


16. This airport bathroom has lights to show you which stalls are free


17. Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you

17 Times When Ingenious Ideas Raised The Convenience Of Familiar Things To Maximum