Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is an act of kindness that brings so much joy to everyone involved. The dog will be excited to finally find a loving home. Of course, a pet-owner will get the joy of acquiring a loyal friend that will be there through the ups and downs. The shelter will have free space for a new pet that needs it. Oh, and we almost forgot about the people on the other side of the screen smiling radiantly while looking at the pictures of happy faces and wet noses of owners and dogs who have finally found each other!

1. Adopted this lil dude yesterday. He’s been in a shelter for his whole life


2. Our recently adopted Great Pyrenees is a big boy! And a sweetheart!

Post image

3. Just adopted this cool guy. Say hi to Bowser!

Post image

4. We just adopted this 9year old shelter dog. I think she was a good choice


5. My girlfriend getting eyes from our recently adopted fur baby!


6. Adopted the goodest boye today!


7. We just adopted Bella and she really likes my Fiancé


8. Friend of mine just adopted this content little critter.

She’s 10 weeks young and already a cheeser for the camera.


9. My mom adopted a puppy and I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her smile this much before


10. Adopted an 8 year old Malamute/Irish Wolf Hound yesterday.


11. Rescued this guy from a shelter. He was there for 8 months and no one wanted him


12. We brought home “Huxley” and it didn’t take long for him to make himself at home!


13. Adopted this good girl a few hours ago and she hasn’t let me get up since


14. This pretty girl adopted my dad today at our local PetSmart’s rescue event.


15. I adopted a Great Dane today. I think it’s going well


16. I’m the user that actually adopted Rocco, the 13 year old beagle!


17. Our 5 month olds expression when he sees our recently adopted 10 month old St Bernard