Welcome to the world of megalophobia, i.e. a fear of large objects. Even if you don’t have it, some of the photos, objects and angles, which we are going to show you, will make you feel out of place.

In case you’ve forgotten that we are just grains of sand in the grand scheme of things, these shots will remind you that we are grains of sand even within our planet.

1. The Esso Hibernia under construction, Wallsend shipyard, 1970


2. 2000+ metre tsunami looking mountain in Kazbeghi


3. Inside the belly of the longest Zeppelin ever made


4. The Statue of Unity in India


It is the world’s tallest statue at 597ft.

5. Always forget how massive these supercarriers that America builds actually are


6. This underwater “waterfall” is giving me anxiety


7. The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK


8. Tokyo underground flooding chamber. Visualize this full of water


This is a special chamber where water is collected during typhoons and floods. The water is pumped to the Edo River.

9. Mt Fuji as seen from a nearby town


10. The buildings in the background


11. Neutrino detector Super-Kamiokande, Japan


The construction over 40m high is buried 1km under Mount Ikeno, where Japanese scientists explore neutrino.

12. Troll A, a natural gas platform, Norway


Over half of this 472m structure is under water. For comparison, the Eiffel Tower is 324m.

13. The tallest statue of Nyoirin Kannon in the world, and the tallest statue of a goddess in Japan


14. A mountain of timber. All stacked & unstacked by hand


15. Railway bridge in Nairobi National Park, Kenya


16. Iceberg passing a house in Greenland

Ari G. Mørch

17. Bullwinkle platform being towed out to sea past Port Aransas, Texas, 1988

Jay Phagan