At the beginning of a relationship, everyone is trying to show themselves from their best side. But as soon as the two realize they’re together for life, there’s just no point in hiding their stupid habits and customs anymore!

Today we will introduce you to 17 people whose quirks would’ve driven their significant others crazy if they weren’t truly in love!

1. How my wife deals with her migraines


2. My wife and I break up every V-Day. This morning she baked cookies


3. My wife told me to put plastic down before I painted. I assured her I didn’t need it and would be extra careful


4. My wife just made carrot juice, yey! Guess who’s cleaning…


To accept each other’s habits is also a part of the great adventure called love!

5. What is wrong with my wife?


6. I played a prank on my wife. I am a monster!


7. My husband left a little juice in the fridge for later


8. My husband, everyone


9. My husband is always borrowing my chargers and then loses them. Guess what I found today…


Having a sense of humor is essential in a relationship! If you don’t have any problems with it, it’s a lot easier to accept a lot of things!

10. Apparently my husband was drunk eating last night


11. Been with my wife for close to 10 years… Never knew what kind of monster she is until today


12. This is how my wife opens packages


13. My girlfriend drinks juice in bathroom


While in the bathroom, girls will do whatever they have to in order to occupy it for longer!

14. My wife eats her subs like this. I feel like this is something I should have known before we were married


15. Got married yesterday. Woke up to this


16. My husband eats oranges like they’re apples. Send help


17. I’m 6’2″, my wife is 4’11” and is in charge of putting up mirrors