Time zips along and the world around us changes. For some changes a year is enough, and some metamorphoses take place only decades later. Even the strongest things wear out and show their age. Reddit users share photos, which clearly show the impact of time. We suggest you take a look at these pictures!

1. «You can see how few people sit on this middle seat by the wear»


2. «This key I’ve worn as a necklace almost everyday over the past seven years finally wore through today»


3. «This is the mine con 2016 bracelet»


I have worn it since September 24 2016. for 955 days straight, almost 3 years, it has never come off. It broke today… I literally started to cry. I hope that I was not the only one to where it for this long. If so, keep on going gamers.

4. «Fitness tracker’s band was so worn out that the plastic degraded»


5. «The flooring in the waiting area at this pizzeria is so worn you can see the old floor»


6. «These tracks worn into the stone road in Pompeii by wagon wheels thousands of years ago»


7. «The exposed button on the right sleeve on my uniform has been worn down due to years of it dragging on the desk using a mouse»


8. «This dog’s favorite spot»


9. «My car key is so worn, it cant start my car anymore»


10. «My dad has had the same wallet for so long his driver’s license photo is imprinted on the plastic»


11. «A leather watch band worn for so long that the watch company and model were imprinted in»


12. «This basketball at an arcade»


13. «Visited the castle at Slane and thought that the original staircase that the servants used was interesting because of how Worn down it was»


14. «My fiancee found and ordered me a brand new one!»


It is one of the only hats I ever really liked; I am ecstatic! I’ve worn it almost everyday for three years, since leaving the military.

15. «This piano at my school is so heavily used, one of the pedals is worn through»


16. «My Grandma’s carpet after moving her bed for the first time in 60 years»


17. «My guitar that i got when i was 12»