The week before last, temperatures in many U.S. states fell to record lows. As Interfax reports, Texas was the most severely affected, more than 4.4m people were left without power, and there were casualties. Extreme weather conditions prompted significant changes in people’s lives, but they try to keep their spirits up. For you we rounded up photos which will show how cold it is now in Texas, whose inhabitants are not accustomed to such weather.

1. Left the faucet dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. It didn’t work out. Taylor, Texas


2. Probably the best picture I have ever taken of Mops. She enjoyed the Texas snow today!


3. Going to the restroom in Texas today (Real pic from a house in Dallas)


4. They’re spraying down the car wash near us and it’s forming HUGE icicles


5. My Mother in Texas made some incredible octopus Art out of the snow to bring some light into the dark times


6. Move to Texas they said. It will be warm they said


7. At least one guy is enjoying the Texas blackouts


It’s so funny to see them sliding on ice!

8. This is how cold it is at my Apartment


As a Texan, yes, I’m certainly not built for this. I don’t even care.

9. Winter storm in Fredericksburg, Texas


10. Frozen fontain


11. Sea turtles rescue


Massive cold stun of sea turtles here in South Padre, 1500 turtles rescued so far… and no power to warm them up.

12. Here in Texas snow is rare, we are quick adapters


13. 24 hours without power here in Texas but this is the first time either of us have seen snow


14. It’s not often you can say you went snowboarding in Texas


15. Seeing snow on our cactus is so surreal!


16. Guess I’ll wait till next week


17. Things are nuts in Fredericksburg


We hope that the situation in Texas will be normal soon, and its inhabitants will go back to their usual life.