Nowadays fast fashion is a trend that applies to everything: clothes, gadgets, cars and so on. It’s enough to recall one of the slogans from “Brave New World” written by Aldous Huxley: “Ending is better than mending”. However, there are the things that were made for ages. Internet users show things which have stories to tell and have been preserved at current owners’ houses and still work perfectly.

1. Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Passed down from my late-grandfather. Circa 1960s


2. My WW2 era tabletop GE fan


3. My 1928 Ford Model A


It was my dad’s before he died and I’ve been keeping it running for him since. I will pass it down to my son someday.

4. Just been gifted my parents Le Creuset saucepan set


They got it as a wedding gift 40 years ago. Has had everyday use since.

5. Oak chest. Storing family stuff since 1682. Lock still working


6. 1916 Elgin trench watch


7. Our Singer sewing machine, 100 years old and works perfectly


8. I thought you guys might like my 1920s-1930s Magic Chef stove with 6 burners, 2 ovens, and a bread warmer


9. My mom was given this as a wedding gift in the early 80s and it’s still the only mixer she owns


10. I just received these Red Wing boots my dad bought in 1976 for $80


11. My 97 year old waterman 52


12. Original Game Boy still works like a charm


13. My Grandma’s 40+ year old Kitchenaid that I received upon her passing


It has made 100s of loaves of bread and tens of thousands of cookies worth of dough. Anyone know how I determine its actual age?

14. Big Green Egg – it just keeps on giving


15. A good wool blanket will outlast you. This one is pre-1927


It was used for years in railroad sleeper cars. They still sell Wool blankets I have bought them online.

16. My Jewish great grandparents used this travelling case when they moved from Izmir to Argentina in 1910. Still functional


17. Waffle Iron from the 1920’s still working flawlessly