If you have pets, you better accept that they are the ones who make the house rules. For example, your place in the bed is no longer yours. As long as you get out of your bed, it will be stolen by a fluffy creature that doesn’t really like when you run it off. For you, we selected some situations where cats, dogs or even rabbits and chickens stole bed spots of their owners.

1. Heckin’ stole my spot


2. He stole my heart then he stole my bed


3. After finishing school earlier today I found my cat like this on my bed


4. “A dog will never be allowed in my car or on my bed.” – my dad


5. My dog made my bed more comfortable…for him!


6. Stole my spot!


7. Husband wasn’t out of bed for 30 seconds when this pup stole his spot and promptly started snoring


8. Chloe stole my spot


9. Moved off the bed for a few minutes to charge my phone, come back and my dog stole my spot


10. I guess it’s my fault that he took my spot, since I got up to use the bathroom


11. A tucked in kitty stole my spot in bed


12. I normally work 10 hours on a night shift but I couldn’t bring myself to disturb my bunny sleeping snuggly on my bed


13. My mom’s an early riser and as soon as she is up, the labs take over her spot on the bed


14. I woke up, and found my chicken on my bed. Best morning ever!


15. So, my daughter was very insistent on going into her bed, which is odd


Then she said a very quick goodbye and asked me to leave her room. Super odd. Then I moved her blanket and found her stowaways. Sneaky.

16. I was laying on my bed browsing reddit when suddenly…


Well, pets can really be cheeky. But we still forgive them, as the way they can look into the eyes makes owners’ hearts melt! See for yourself!