Fantasy of some designers knows no borders. They are capable of creating practically anything you can think of and combining the incompatible. Sky on the ceiling? There you go! Dishes that look like they’re made of cabbage leaves? Why not! Today we collected for you examples of unusual design from creators, that have truly hit the new level of creativity.

1. Sky ceiling

Ashley Westover

2. Octopus sink

Mireya Fretenborough

3. “Exploding” lamp

Shawn Tucker

4. Dragon vase

Ruan Carlo Schneider

5. Wooden staircase

Larissa Oliveira

6. Floral kitchen utensils

Laura Jensen

7. Cabbage dishes

Alejandra Franco

8. Dollhouse computer

Manuela Betti

9. Skull toilet

Heather Nicole

10. Interesting solution

Taylor Ray

11. Original sink

Ninkilim Muridae

12. Egg volcano

Caryn Lopez

13. Indoors view

Tegan B Riley

14. Fur guitar

Mateus Vieira

15. This drum set

David Arellano

16. Dream bathroom

Harper West