Cleaning of the apartment, washing dishes and laundry is the inevitable evil that every person will have to face in life. Prayers for mercy will not help here, but to avoid the fate of Cinderella in the house of her stepmother, you can show your family how sometimes cleaning can end. And an even bigger mess is not the worst! In general, use these 16 pictures of failures as an argument that sometimes it is better not to take up cleaning, but to leave the dirt in peace.

1. “Moved 15 times over 30 years with an antique vase my gramma gave me”


Today I cleaned it for the first time and it slipped out of my hands.

2. “Roomba Suicide in my House last night”


3. “Forgetting my wife’s passport when I do the wash”


4. “Wife thought my fav iron griddle got too dirty and tried cleaning it with a sharp metal scraper”


5. “Props to the new roommate for cleaning the whole kitchen”


But she scrubbed the microwave oven so hard, all the ink came off the dials…

6. “My Handheld Vacuum Opened in The Middle of Cleaning”


7. “My 3 year old thought it would be a good idea to spray the TV with water to “clean” it”


8. “TIL: Never vacuum your keyboard…”


9. “Forgot my headphones on the ground while the roomba was running”


10. “Set my remotes on my heater while cleaning and forgot. Then got chilly…”


11. “My girlfriend was wondering why her vacuum was not working anymore”


12. “My tenancy ends tomorrow after 2 years in this flat”


oday, while cleaning and getting everything ready to move out, I hit the oven’s door and broke the glass. Bye bye sweet deposit money.

13. “Home alone cleaning the roof and gutters when I heard a loud bang”


14. “This is what happens when your wife leaves the door open to the pool area”


Your expensive robot vacuum (bottom and upside down) decides it wants to meet the pool vacuum…

15. “I was pretty tired while cleaning my keyboard and now I have two W and a upside down k”


16. “Cat + paint can + Roomba”