Dogs are not only human friends and faithful devoted comrades, but also real hooligans! Who else will chew your shoes, destroy your lipstick, eat what he should not eat? Well, of course, your favorite dog. On this occasion, network users have organized a flash mob #guiltydogchallenge, where they showed how they caught their pets right in place of their misdeeds.

1. “I made a beautiful carrot cake for my mums birthday in October..”


I left the kitchen for literally 2minutes and came back to a pile of crumbs.

2. “2 bags of freeze dried chicken hearts. 2 bags of biscuits”


1 bag of freeze dried liver. 12 dental sticks. 1 yak bone. 1/4 bag dog food. Is she guilty?

3. “They just wanted a lil window to your life”

Danielle Vandyke

4. “He got tired”

Anne Kristi Sørensen

5. “What are you gonna do about it?”

Leslie Voyer

6.”Wow, shoes!”

Sherryann Maria Haynes

7. “Agrh”

Lauren Marsland

8. “We know nothing!”

Cecie Turner Decker

9. “When you like to play in mud”

Adventures of Marlin and Winchester

10. “Here is me with mums Peter Alexander slipper, my favourite…”


11. ““No mom? I have NO idea who stole the spaghetti squash off the counter?””

Samantha Urton

12. “We spent AT LEAST one week non-stop working on this puzzle he got for our anniversary”

Emily Nguyen Proctor

13. “Yes, he stuck”

Rebecca Abigail Morgan

14. “Why not?”

Paulette Manhart Wilkins

15. “Guilty dogs”

Jennifer Dawn

15. “One morning I woke up to my husky that I thought killed something outside”

Autumn Kimble

Nope just destroyed a RED lipstick on carpet.

16. “Someone decided to go digging in the garden and try to escape the shower”

Cayla Rubacky

10/10 for the guilt face though.