It is not a secret that Instagram photos are far from reality. However, we are still fascinated by them and admire how much beauty and aesthetics they contain. Admiring the part of life that network users want to show us, we miss out on all the things that are left behind. But it’s much more interesting to see it!

Today we have collected 16 photos that show the reality of Instagram photos. And the beauty is that they are no less cool! However, you should see it yourself.

He likes the pumpkins too

Who is a good boooo….

“Helping the hoomans make Christmas decorations”

Kids and photos

“Trying to look good on my walk, but dying inside”

Other side

“Setting up a lil business from home got me like…”

Playing kids are so sweet

Which side do you prefer?

Cats are perfect any time

“I had this mega kick butt post that I was gonna shout to the rooftops”

It’s important to catch the right moment (and this girl)

“Instagram vs reality”

“It is so freaking windy on our balconies”

Cozy moment with a sweet dog VS slap in the face

“Swipe left to see how she really felt about the milk bath”