If you have one of those curious minds that can’t stop wondering “what if…”, then you are in for a treat. Have you ever thought, for example, what happens to a pen if you leave it on top of the car dashboard for way too long? What happens to a raisin if you soak it in hot water overnight? We’ve compiled 15 pictures that will answer these and many more questions.

1. If you stir your coffee with the same spoon for 45 years, its tip becomes square-shaped


2. This is what happens when you carry your phone in the same pocket all the time


3. What if the cat scratches the same piece of wood for a long time?


4. What happens to a book that has “bookworms”? (The book was published in 1787)


5. If you cover stones with a rug, the rug will eventually disappear


6. If you make a fire near spider webs, the smoke will color the spider webs black


7. This is what happens when you cover your window with a blanket during the hot summer. The blinds may literally melt


8. This is what happens if you print a 3d model from magnetic resonance images


9. This is what happens to a pen that has been lying on top of a dashboard for a couple of weeks


10. This is what happens when you wear a backpack on a boiling hot day


11. If it’s snowing in Wejherowo, Poland, the statue of the founder of the city turns into Darth Vader.


12. This is what happens when you get way too attached to your pen


13. This is what happens when drops of blood fall on the sand


14. What if you leave raisins soaked in hot water overnight?


15. If you are running to work, the oatmeal you brought with you may turn into this


16. If you store your driver’s license in your wallet for too long, the picture may get imprinted on the wallet