Not everyone likes to visit flea markets or secondhand shops, since it’s difficult to find something really worthwhile. That’s true, but the ones who are ready to spend hours among a bunch of clothes, shoes, furniture and other stuff, may find some surprises. Because only to the people excited about secondhand, such places open the gates for treasures which may be cool, but at times strange.

1. Cat King Armchair

Katie Poirier

2. Invoking the main knitted goose


3. Do you love frogs as much as the designer of this plate does?

Nicole Gibson

4. I Got E. Coli from a dumpster


5. Crocodile hat I found in a thrift shop


6. Would you buy a bag of stones?


7. My thrifting has peaked: kitty sweater with hand painted fish buttons!


8. Jewels for paleontologists


9. Such a set makes drinking water at night much easier

Connie Ashley

10. Vintage 1960’s Laffun Head

Mark Hogan

Laughs and squirts water. My grandmother had one of these at her house. It might have belonged to one of my uncles. As a kid I was terrified of it.

11. Magical wine coaster

Kim Brooks

12. Help, I got locked in the glass!


13. Clay napkin dispenser

Andrew Harvey

14. You will always find a spoon having this clock

Jessy Martinez

15. I am using it as a toothbrush holder in our bathroom


16. A cool find