Life hacks is a fascinating thing, that can relieve you from a lot of stress. The main thing is that you don’t even have to put too much effort in it. That’s why people willingly share their little tricks that can make your everyday routine a lot easier.

Today we collected for you 16 life hacks that will make you stop hating little everyday problems through smart decisions. Here we go!

If you have dogs that bark at others on walks, tape a small strip of light colored wrapping paper on your window


It will keep your dog from seeing them. You can easily change the theme too through the year.

Don’t have a soft mallet? Use a rag or bundle of cloth to soften the blow from a hammer


Use direct sunlight to remove food stains from silicone cutting boards/kitchen utensils


If you have pets, a squeegee is a lifesaver to get rid of hair stuck in rugs


Sometimes things you’re used to can be used in a brand new way, which seriously widens their functionality and simplifies your life!

Save your fast food drink carrier and use it to store/transport all your favorite sauces to any room of the house in a snap


This way you will never drop your soup on your recipe notebook


Hidden dirty spoon holder


This is how you measure 1 serving of pasta


If one serving has always been a blurry concept to you, now you know what it looks like.

Use left over cardboard from your Xmas pressies and use them to wrap your Xmas lights


Pack your Christmas bulbs in a wine box!


If you never know the direction of your clear plastic tape just draw an arrow


Tie a paper towel around neck of liquor bottle avoid spillage. Cheers!


To test these life hacks and make sure they work is a piece of cake, but it’ll definitely help you in your everyday life.

Add rubber bands on the ends of hangers to prevent clothes from slipping off


Easy lantern during power outage


Simple and effective way to move your clothes without taking off the hangers


I discovered that apple cutters also helps to chop mushrooms easily