If your living area counts hundreds of square meters, then, of course, you have no predicaments trying to find space for all your belongings. But if you’re not living in a palace, sometimes you have to be very inventive in order to organize your room.

Today we collected for you 16 clever findings made by Internet users that allowed them organize their space and store their things without even having to throw anything out!

Containers are true lifesavers if you don’t have enough space in your cupboards


Spice drawer organized!


I got tired of my hair things being strung about all over the house. Now everything is together in one place


Just finished setting up my standing craft space and I’m in love!


Finally figured out a way to store these


Managed to sort toys into labeled bins and free a lot of space in our tiny house


Kid’s rooms are always the most cluttered! After all, every child has so many toys that are absolutely needed everyday, that’s why organizing their living space is a hard but necessary task!

The chaos of two boys had caught up to me and they needed a more functional space


I’ve been organizing my kitchen recently. I love cooking but also have some OCD


You can store your household chemicals under the sink


I bought a small shadow box and it holds literally hundreds of different tickets I didn’t want to get rid of because of the memories attached


Create floor space in your closet by hanging your boots on a skirt hanger


Now you can forget about large shoe boxes that take all the space in your wardrobe!

Tiny space organization


Cast iron pot and pan storage on kitchen wall


The coziest corner of our tiny house


Shower curtain rod, curtain rings, and plastic shower baskets!


This hanging mirrored cabinet has been a total game changer for my accessories