You often have to keep in mind a lot of factors while working on something, otherwise the results of your efforts can come out useless. However, a lot of people still forget about it! There is a lot of masters who only know how to do one thing and nothing more. They look at any other task in a perspective “the main thing is to do it, no matter how”!

Today we collected for you 16 examples of such master-hands, whom you definitely wouldn’t entrust any kind of work. After all, they’ll manage to fail at any task you can think of. Let’s take a look!

1. I installed the new elevator button, boss


2. Installed the street lights, boss


3. I switched out the new trash can, boss!


4. Fixed the slide, boss!


5. I put the star on the tree, Honey!


What’s funny is that by looking at these guys’ work you can not say they didn’t do their job. Because they did! However, the results leave a lot to be desired.

6. Put the traffic signs up


7. Finished building the other overpass, boss


An “I see the purpose and nothing can stop me!” kind of photo.

8. – Should we tow the car boss? – Not our job, leave it…


9. I did my job, boss


10. I’m done with the handicap ramp, boss!


11. Installed the pool table, boss!


The workers in this compilation can only do one task. They do exactly as much as they’re told, and the rest is nothing of their concern.

12. In the middle of the sidewalk is fine


13. Drainage system is perfectly dry, boss


14. We have an open door policy here at our house


15. The way the bricks have been replaced


16. Clock that has hung on our wall with 20 years. Needless to say it gets confusing sometimes


Had a good laugh? Now let’s hope none of us will be lucky enough to get one of such handymen once.