Every woman knows that the power of make-up can’t be underestimated. With its help any lady may look and therefore feel much more attractive. However, not every make-up handles the task of elevating its owner.

Today we collected 16 examples of good-for-nothing works of make-up artists in whom ladies put their faith. And, as a result, regretted it.

Professional MUA


Poor colour match ft. beef lips


The MUA for a formal event


I have so many questions


I’m honestly in shock… she paid for this


Every woman is familiar with the situation when it’s hard to draw arrows on the eyes or get matching eyebrows. But for a professional make-up artist such mistakes are just inexcusable.

It was my birthday gift from my husband. I had to go to dinner after looking like this


Wedding makeup I paid $60 for yesterday


Left – I paid someone to do – Right – my attempt after I scrubbed it off


Back when I used to model, this was what a “makeup artist” did for a shoot…


I was applying for a beauty position looking like this a year ago and I got the job


Sometimes bad make-up may be done by woman herself. In this case, there’s no way to deny responsibility!

I paid $45 for this monstrosity and my husband’s reaction was worth every cent


Local MUA

Halloween look, tagged MUA


Here’s my bad MUA experience. I kept trying to convince myself it was ok. It wasn’t, and I wound up re-doing it myself


Sephora did me dirty


Makeup artist did me dirty on my wedding day. Luckily, I had time to fix it myself


Though not getting the desired result is very upsetting, anyway, failed make-up doesn’t top the list of the biggest female failures. And so, we can just laugh at this.