If you think everything around you is dull and not interesting at all, then look at the things a little more carefully. Maybe at this very moment the universe will decide to plant amazing coincidences or little things that are worth looking at. Passers-by, landscapes or even your stuff — all of these things may have something interesting to notice.

1. I saw a stranger with a pizza tattoo holding a pizza


2. The guy sitting up front had no chance of victory


3. My tattoo got her COVID shot in the exact same location that I did


4. My daughter and my kitten lost their baby tooth in the same day


5. Surnames of the two players turn into the actor’s name and surname — Samuel L. Jackson


6. Eyes twins!


7. This frame fell down and the glass broke exactly where i swung a baseballbat


8. When you and your partner supplement each other


9. Perfect match


On the player’s T-shirt there is his surname — Benz (written in Cyrillic).

10. My boyfriend and I went to a beer festival and met a couple who was dressed the same as us


11. This wire almost perfectly tracing the mountains in the background


12. We took this picture together


10 years ago I went off to college and people I didn’t know kept coming up to me and calling me “Brian”. My name is Josh. Then a few weeks later I met Brian and we took this picture together.

13. Great Red Spot


I tattooed a solar system on my forearm and later got a mole on Jupiter which now represents its Great Red Spot.

14. Me and my girlfriend got each other the exact same gift for Christmas


15. Odometer and Trip Meter hit all 1’s at the same time


16. My cat and I have the same mole


Look around attentively — maybe you will find accidental, but interesting coincidences.