Everything is relative. Even a human will seem huge for a cockroach, but on the scale of the planet, it’s a small dot. Everything around us changes over time! The same place can be unrecognizable! We collected the pictures that will prove that everything in the world is learned in comparison.

1. Same boot, 3 years later


2. How the tree in the garden changed during the month


3. Choosing the right lens is everything


4. How braces change smile


After 9 years of work, I finally got my braces off! I couldnt stop smiling

5. My daughter and my kitten lost their baby tooth in the same day


6. I was polishing silver and I thought i would take a before and after photo


7. My biggest wrenches compared to my smaller wrenches


If you don’t understand what’s going on in the photo and why there are two identical large wrenches, look closely, there are two very tiny ones lying right on top of them.

8. Size of Pluto compared to Australia


9. University of Chicago Bartlett Dining Commons has a modern water fountain right next to the original


10. A candle burning on Earth compared to a candle burning in microgravity on the International Space Station


11. Left- 1980 Toyota pickup. 40 years later a Toyota pickup. Both 1/2 ton trucks


12. Arnold Schwarzenegger Wilt Chamberlin & Andre The Giant. Just look at how small he is compared to them


Arnold Schwarzenegger is 6’2 tall, Chamberlain is 7’1 and Giant is 7’4.

13. A megladons tooth compared to a great whites


14. The size of a haul truck compared to a full-sized school bus


15. Changed my phone case after 1 year of use


16. The difference between the photos is 10 minutes