16 Culinary Anti-Masterpieces Whose Creators Can Be Commended For Efforts And Taken Out Of Kitchen

Many social media users like to share their photographs of nice and tasty dishes they prepared. The photos of culinary fails, on the contrary, are very uncommon. But if a dish is inedible, then it should at least be photographed, that an amateur cooker’s efforts would not be in vain.

Today we are just going to right a wrong and show you 17 examples of culinary “anti-masterpieces”, creators of which can be commended for efforts and suspended from the cooker duties until the better times. Here we go!

Tried to make caramel by boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk


Turned on a movie and forgot about it till the top blew off.

This was supposed to be banana bread


This was my first attempt at making a pancake


My first attempt at making sushi turned into a salad with rice


If you’re beginner, then it’s better to start with traditional dishes and to leave the exotic ones for later.

Marinated chicken, Black Rice and sourkraut. Topped with a tomato salsa. Why sourkraut? Why not


I made meatballs from an Ottolenghi cookbook


Gordon Ramsay’s recipe failed


I tried, I failed


If the first attempt to prepare a dish was unsuccessful, that’s all right. It comes with experience! But if you fail time and time again, then, maybe, cooking is not your thing.

2 failed sweet potato marshmallow attempts


Failed blueberry lemon cake


I somehow failed at boiling eggs


Hand picked blackberries to make hand pies.. I’d say this ones a fail


Some dishes are not necessary to taste in order to understand they’re failed.

Brownies? No, my brother’s failed attempt at lemon bars


I wasted 6 bananas on this


I want to thank Taco Bell for saving the best part of the tomatoes for my taco specifically


Roast vegetable leftovers will be better if I reheat them in the oven!


If it’s not going well with cooking for you, we hope this compilation showed you that you’re not alone in this matter!

16 Culinary Anti-Masterpieces Whose Creators Can Be Commended For Efforts And Taken Out Of Kitchen