Impressions of travels depend on many factors, and one of them is people you travel with. Sometimes you’re lucky with them and time just flies, while at other times — not really, and then you’d like to forget about a trip. But today we will show you such companions that can make any trip much more fun, cuter and pleasant. Because those are animals!

1. On the train and saw this friendly face


2. This dude on the train wouldn’t stop staring at me


3. Puppy on his first flight


4. I made a new friend on the train


5. Kitten likes traveling


6. I met a really pretty girl on the train today!


7. Elegant lady


This little kitty had its own seat on the three hour train ride I was on in Spain! It sat so nicely for the whole time.

8. You saw penguins on a plane? My papps was flying it


9. This is Athena


It’s her first train trip and she’s a little scared, but being brave as heck.

10. Sat next to this happy little guy on a plane


11. Look at this dude using up two seats like he owns the train or something


12. I started to sit in open seat on my flight when the attendant said “Oh sir! You CAN sit there but please be aware that those seats are reserved for a large dog! Is that ok?”


Meet Hervin, the chillest passenger I’ve ever sat next to.

13. My friend saw this guy on the metro


14. Just got home from a flight with this cutie in the 2nd row


15. What about this?


16. The best surprise passenger you can have next to you on a flight