15 Times When Mother Nature Proved She Runs The Show On The Planet And Nothing Can Stop Her

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Human has been trying to tame nature for millennia, and he’s even progressing in that. Yet Mother Nature still shows who’s the boss time after time. Trees demonstrate their power growing through asphalt and consuming objects next to them. Water grinds down remains of old buildings, turning them into smooth stones. And abandoned houses immediately get covered with wild vegetation. We’ve collected for you some photos of Mother Nature showing that she runs the show here and will always find her way.

1. The rope to my old childhood tire swing has been consumed by the tree that supported it


2. Tree near my apartment grew through a fence


3. Nature always finds a way


4. This piece of a brick wall weathered into a stone I found on the shore of Lake Ontario


5. The way the tree roots grew into the gaps between the pavement bricks


6. The way this tree grew around a sign post


7. This plant has been trying to stealthily steal my broom for months


8. SS City of Adelaide, wrecked off the coast of Magnetic Island


9. Found a bird nest in our garden


We have two white fluffy dogs and it looks like the nest was built with their fur.

10. This sculpture of Jesus at abandoned cemetery in Poland gets slowly absorbed by a tree


11. A tomato that grew in a fence


12. This tree fell but grew back up


13. Found a patch of moss behind a loading dock that looks like a tiny tropical island with a palm tree


14. Tree absorbing a fire hydrant


15. Tree, you’re drunk. Get down from there

15 Times When Mother Nature Proved She Runs The Show On The Planet And Nothing Can Stop Her