A wedding for most people is not a thing that happens too often, so we tend to worry a lot about how it will go. We hope nothing bad will happen, and that everything will go smoothly.

Down below we have a compilation of 15 times when the weddings of normal people became totally awesome because of special appearances, i.e. celebrity crashers.

Here are 15 times celebrities accidentally became a part of the wedding ceremony:

1. Tom Hanks, 2008


He stopped the filming of Angels and Demons to help the stranded bride and her father and escorted the bride to the altar.

2. John Travolta, 2013


He accidentally met his fan at a bar, and the fan had his wedding the next day. The man invited John to come, and he did!

3. Chris Hemsworth, 2018


He noticed a wedding ceremony happening at Byron Bay beach, Australia. The actor was having personal time, surfing, and decided to congratulate the newlyweds personally.

4. Brad Pitt, 2013


His story was almost similar to the one that happened to John Travolta, but this time it took place in the UK. The groom stumbled upon Brad right in the hotel bar during his wedding (the actor was staying there for the filming of Fury). So, Brad ended up going to the ceremony (everyone there went nuts) and took a few pictures with the newlyweds.

5. Adam Sandler, 2018


The actor was passing by the wedding location by pure accident and gladly allowed the couple to take pictures with him.

6. Snoop Dog, 2014


He took pictures with the newlyweds. He was asked to do so by the wedding photographer who had accidentally met the rapper. The photographer turned out to be a huge fan of his music, and they had a very pleasant conversation after the shot.

7. Bill Murray, 2014

Fia Forever Photography

Bill Murray loves visiting other people’s weddings, but this time it was a photoshoot for the engagement ceremony. Whatever it was, the shot is amazing!

8. Pope Francis, 2014


Well, what else would you expect, planning your wedding in the Vatican? Nothing there happens without him, as the couple saw for themselves.

9. Serena Williams, 2014


The story was almost similar to Chris Hemsworth’s, but Serena was wearing a leopard print swimsuit. The sportswoman decided to congratulate the couple. They were having the ceremony near the beach in Miami where she was on her vacation.

10. Tom Hanks again, 2016


Good old Tom met the newlyweds in Central Park, New York and tomhanksed it like he usually does.

11. Katy Perry, 2017


“Do you mind if we crash your wedding?”, asked Katy politely, and then appeared in the photo.

12. Ed Sheeran, 2015


Ed Sheeran really caught that Australian couple by surprise during their wedding dance.

13. Beyonce, 2014


While visiting Partafino village in Italy, Beyonce and her well-known husband entered the local church right in the middle of the wedding ceremony, but Beyonce didn’t make fool of herself and quickly started congratulating the bride. People around them didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the iconic moment.

14. LeBron James, 2012


The famous American basketball player met the couple in the hotel where he was supposed to give an interview. The 6’9″ giant appeared before the actual ceremony, but the couple, after seeing him, escaped to take photos (even though the bride’s father hadn’t escorted her to the altar, and the bride and groom aren’t supposed to see each other before that, according to ceremony tradition).

“Who cares? It’s a photo with LeBron!”, said the girl.

15. Keanu Reeves, 2018


People are happy to see Keanu anywhere, and to meet the internet hero during your own wedding is luck from the above.