Instagram-reality sometimes has a rather negative impact on our mood. When you compare it with the real life, it becomes so sad that everything is not so beautiful. And what is it like for young mothers? After all, only in Instagram children are obedient and calm, and there are order and comfort in the house. How not to begin to persecute yourself for being a bad mother? But there are women who are not afraid to show their motherhood without decorations. There is a place for imperfect body, and quick hairstyles, and disorder, and stains on a T-shirt, and children’s hysterics. But! At the same time, and happiness. Real, non-instagram. And let these pictures inspire those who are sad because they do not match the picture on the Internet.

1. Trying to read to your son


2. “Instagram vs Reality”


3. “We went viral today with this shot I got at my last family session!!!! Lol”


4. “Sleep when the baby sleeps!”


5. “When you’re doing yoga in your undies & your 8-month old decides to join in”


6. “My reality a lot of the time”


7. Travelling with children


8. She just learned that she has a son, not a third daughter


9. Delivery day


10. «Writing the last pages of my book»


11. “This is what postpartum looks like”


12. “A letter to my body”


I’m sorry for treating you the way I have for years. For the picking and poking at any little thing that I thought wasn’t perfect enough and manipulating my diet and workouts in order to try and “fix” you.

I apologize for editing your flaws and blurring your marks to fit in a mold I was never meant to be in. For wanting to cut you open to fill you in to be more woman, not realizing I was always woman enough.

I’m sorry for using you as a tool to measure my worth and not seeing my value was deeper than that & that my body is worth more than that. .

For what I’m most apologetic for is not initially seeing the beauty that is you and how you housed two (now going on three) little people inside of you and the amount of shame I had for the change that occurred because I simply didn’t know better.

But thank you for housing my spirit, my babies, my heart and mind. Thank you for waking up and taking me on many adventures. I can’t erase the past hurt I inflicted but I can change how I will treat your from now on! I vow to feed you, nourish you, compliment you and love you because you—I deserve it.

Love, Jas 💙

13. “Am I the only Mom out there who loves a long bath at the end of the day, but is too lazy to take the kids toys out of the tub??!”


14. “That’s when you find your strength”


When your hair is a mess, the laundry is in piles all over the floor, the baby won’t stop crying, you can’t stop sweating because your hormones are raging, the other kids won’t stop fighting, and you feel like you just can’t take it anymore.

15. “I am woman, hear me roar”