In ancient times, making of things was taken very seriously! According to their creators, they should not only serve long, but impress descendants’ minds of the following generations.

Now it is 2021, and no wonder that researchers, exactly like other people, become fascinated when seeing some of preserved treasures from the past. And the reason of this is that even ordinary household things were made really great and beautiful.

1. 2300 years old Scythian woman’s boot preserved in the frozen ground of the Altai Mountains


2. Wonderful 2000 years-old sapphire ring


It presumably belonged to Roman emperor Caligula, thought depicting his fourth wife Caesonia.

3. Detail of the Hercules armor of the Emperor Maximilian II of Austria


Made in 1555, it’s now on display at the Kunsthistorisches museum in Vienna.

4. The Da Vinci Globe, dated 1504, is the oldest known globe to show the New World


Engraved with immaculate detail on two conjoined lower halves of ostrich eggs.

5. A gun hidden within a bible, made for Francesco Morozini, Doge of Venice (1619-1694)


The owner of the bible could pull the silk bookmark to shoot while the book was still closed. Now on display at the Museo Correr in Venice.

6. The ceiling of the 2000 years old hypostyle hall of the temple of Hathor in Dendera, Egypt


7. Incan Wall, a fine example of master Stonemasonry. Cuzco, 1400’s


8. The Sword of Goujian, found in 1965


This sword is mainly made of bronze with blue crystals and turquoise decoration. The blade surprisingly didn’t suffer from rust and tarnish, so it’s still extremely sharp. Hubei, China, Spring and Autumn period (771–403 BC).

9. Small sculpture of death with a bow made in 1520 Germany


10. German hunting knife that’s also a gun, that’s also a calendar


11. 9.4 inch mortar shaped like a sitting tiger. India, 1770-1799


12. Prague’s astrological clock is the oldest still functioning clock in the world, 1410


13. Chantilly Castle, wrought iron railing made in 1870 by the Moreau brothers on drawing of architect Honoré Daumet


14. A rare dagger for esoteric rituals from France, mid 19th Century


15. This helmet belonged to Tadakatsu, known as “the Samurai of Samurais” and “the Warrior Who Surpassed Death”


He fought over 55 battles without ever sustaining a serious injury. Dating from the latter half of the 16th century.