Parents try everything when it comes to the sleep of their children. There are so many options such as favorite toys, lullabies, warm blanket. But it turned out that children don’t really need all this stuff, since sometimes they fall asleep in truly inappropriate places pretty easily!

Today we rounded up 15 photographs of children who fell asleep in a shop, at the table, on the floor, and even in the toilet, but not in warm cozy bed!

My girlfriends kids was sleeping when we got to the store, so I thought I’d make him a bed


Not sure of she was trying to hide or be funny but she fell asleep like this


This is how my son fell asleep tonight. I’m jealous


She just layed down, played with toys a bit and then fell asleep


When I was 3 I fell asleep in a dog bed


A fluffy friend always has the most interesting toys, delicious food and, of course, the coziest bed!

My 1yo son skipped his nap and was fell asleep while eating dinner


My son fell asleep jumping in his bouncer and kept jumping in his sleep


Save Money Buying A Dog Bed


1 minute into writing an assignment


At 4:45 AM this is me on the edge of my King Size bed


Big beds in parents’ bedrooms were made only for their children to sleep in a stretched-out position exactly as a starfish.

My child fell asleep like this yesterday

Is this a modern version of a bed of nails?


Came in the bathroom to find this


My friends nephew fell asleep taking a dump


Fell asleep whilst eating a ham sandwich!


Don’t you go to sleep after this compilation. We have got plenty of interesting things!