Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. However, some of them turn out to be just another reason for a good laugh. Failed purchases, wrong-size clothing or just slightly unfortunate events – all of that could be sad if it didn’t look so hilarious both for main characters of those cases and the others, who witnessed them!

1. Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on amazon without checking its size


We now have two 10 foot lamps.

2. My fiance tried to order five bananas but something went wrong


3. My friend’s girlfriend’s dad sent them an XXXXL cutting board for their housewarming by mistake


4. I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face


5. When asked at Taco Bell if we wanted sauce, I said: “As much as you’re allowed to give me.” I may have made a mistake


6. I’ve made a terrible mistake and bought a ticket to the wrong sector (Ghana vs. US game)


7. Someone at my stepdads work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake


8. Misunderstood my last purchase


9. I don’t know if I screwed up or the company did but…


10. Bad news about the mask with my face on it that I ordered


11. I made a huge mistake with this face swap of my wife and son


12. My uncles made a mistake installing a new rain gutter…


13. When the joke backfires


Thought it’d be funny to catch my granddad sleeping on vacation – till I made the same mistake. Touché, pop.

14. The girl has bought a jacket and it turned her into an almost perfect circle


15. He fell asleep at the party… Bad mistake