Everything is learned by comparison, even cats. Sometimes we don’t notice how our pet changes from the moment it’s a little scaredy-cat, to the time it turns into a gorgeous cat. People show pictures of their pets at the time they are adopted and after, and it’s hard not to notice the changes.

1. “6 weeks to 4 years old”


From dirty little kitten I found crying in an alley behind my apartment, to a fat-bellied ham that doesn’t let me go to the bathroom alone.

2. Rescue story


My rescue story: It was a stormy downpour. I was so scared. I tried to flee with my sister and hurt my eye trying to hide from the rain and rising water. My mommy didn’t make it across the road. Thankfully these great humans found me and my sister (now named Possum) and have us safe homes. People are ok sometimes.

3. “The day met her, and today”


4. “Tony, Before and after”


At his first checkup he was purring so loud the vet had to cover his nose to hear his heart beat. He’s a happy cat.

5. “Before & after adoption (one week later)”


6. “From being sick and almost dying to a spoilt girl”


7. “My dad found this cutie alongside the road while working”


I’d like to say he lives a spoiled life. October vs. Now.

8. “One year post adoption”


9. “Harvey’s skinny body was found abandoned in a ditch, soaking wet, and dotted with cigarette burns”


He was infested with fleas, anemic, and starving. One look at his little face and I knew had to adopt him. Fast forward 5 years, he’s now a confident, happy, healthy boi with a career in modelling.

10. “One year ago when i rescued her and now, showing gratitude”


12. “The before and after of Pilar being adopted by a fantastic family”


13. “My sweet boy Keller. I would die for him!”


14. “It’s almost a year to the day since my friend brought home a kitten from a rescue centre, so she decided to recreate the first picture she took of him”


15. “From a scared and starving kitten found under my boyfriend’s house, to a fat and curious little hell raiser 6 months later”