There are many curious things we do not think about. What happens if you stir the soup with the same spoon for many years? What happens to the marker if you put it in a heated oven? What will the photo look like if you rotate the phone during the panorama shoot? People share photos of their spontaneous experiments, and we have collected some interesting things for you.

1. This is what will happen with a shovel after planting about 90 thousand trees


2. Here’s what happens in 2.5 months with a spike that gets under your nail


3. A black shirt that got a solar tie-dye job after years of being crammed in the back of car


4. Bamboo that grew up during the pandemic without the effect of tourists’ touch


5. What happens if you leave an apple and a banana for 6 months in an office locker because covid


6. This is what happened when the container with white soap was filled with transparent soap.


7. What happens when you put a tin of sardines in the freezer


8. That’s what happens to liquid antibiotics if left unrefrigerated


9. This is what happens when a marker is accidentally left in a 350 F oven for ten minutes


10. What happens when you leave a skittle in a humid area


The shell is melting.

11. What happens when you spin while taking a panorama


12. This is what happens when a sunflower is just left in a vase


13. This is what happens if you do not eat your artichoke right away


14. This is what can happen if the watermelon grows by the fence


15. –°ooking spoon, worn down from years of stirring