There is a lot of questions we never ask ourselves. For instance, what happens to a coconut if you peel it without breaking apart? Or how does it look like if you imprint your eye in your glasses? We will probably never need this information in our life, but the photos answering the question “What happens if?..” are quite curious to look at.

1. My dad found a ~20 year old banana in his coat pocket


2. What you can find if you look inside a snap band


3. What happens if you open a snack next to seagulls


4. I took a picture of lightning with a camera phone and ended up seeing the rolling shutter effect!


5. What happens to a tree when beavers chew it away


6. The hot water broke the glass evenly into 2 halves


7. A picture I took partially through a firework’s flash. Looks like it’s day and night at the same time


8. I cracked a coconut without breaking the edible part!


9. Both of my lights burnt out – one turned white while the other turned black


10. What happens if the toilet paper material is not properly recycled


11. Live power line fell, it was so hot that it melted through the sidewalk and turned the sand underneath to glass


12. Cleaned my copper sink with vinegar and sea salt. A few hours later these salt crystals grew on the rag I used to dry it


13. Left an eye print in my glasses after I accidentally punched myself


14. What happens when you leave a plastic toothpick on top of the toaster oven


14. A friend of mine is a drag queen. This is what happened last night when he took off his makeup