People are trying to control, exploit, and use nature in every way imaginable. We are building dams, creating new types of plants and animals and cutting trees to build cities. And nature seems to give in…or does it? We are sorry to break it to you, fellow humans, but we can’t really just sit back and relax. When we least expect it, nature fights back and shows us who really is boss. Sometimes, it manifests itself in small things. You can see it for yourself in the compilation below.

1. This tree grown over its barrier and looks like it’s put its arms up on it to lean back and relax


2. A squirrel has been stuffing this sign post full of acorns for the winter


3. This tree grew to swallow a sign


4. The real grass that has sprouted up in the corners of this fake grass


5. This vine climbed up a chair to silence wind chime


6. My friend found a green stalk growing out of the sink. It was from a popcorn kernel


7. Сar was parked on our lawn for a month and protected the grass


8. This onion that was accidentally left in a car trunk for 4 months


9. This moss-covered boot found in the woods


10. This moss grew in a perfect hexagonal pattern following the tiles on the roof


11. Tree root growing regardless of obstacles


12. Quasi-legible moss growing in the letters of this fallen tombstone


13. The roots grow according to the pavement pattern


14. This cactus that’s been growing out of my friends metal roof for 4 years now


15. This teeny tiny garden growing out of a little hole in the sidewalk