Since we’re living in the age of the Internet, year by year it gets harder and harder to find something that would even make you raise an eyebrow. It feels as if we had already seen everything. However, it’s simply impossible to encompass all that was created by nature and invented by people in your range of view.

So don’t worry, you’re going to come across thousands of fascinating pictures showing things you didn’t even know existed. Maybe you will find something like that in the following 13 photographs.

1. The inside of a spacesuit


2. The First Stretch Limousine Ever Built


The Armbruster Company, USA, 1928.

3. Chromatic Typewriter

Tyree Callahan

Created by Tyree Callahan, Washington, USA.

4. Rare black leopard in India


5. Calcium buildup in a water pipe


The water pipe we had to replace.

6. A salt crystal found at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia


7. Forest noise amplifier


This is what my life has been missing.

8. Fungus that looks like icicles. Hericium Fungus


9. One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars


This note equals to 40 US cents.

10. Beautiful Golden Pheasant


11. This is an exceptional example of an Aquamarine ”castle”


It is formed when multiple crystals of aquamarine grow inside each other, resulting in this gorgeous terraced appearance!

12. African Picasso bug (Sphaerocoris annulus)


13. This is how new, not yet released, car models are tested downtown


Nobody’s allowed to see them ahead of time!